Two things describe us best. One: we wear a 75-year service badge for our tenure of guiding clients and their projects through all phases of the architectural design process. That makes us a big, old oak tree in the architectural world. Two: we continue to grow and evolve to meet needs. Our badge of honor is our adaptability. Our process doesn’t begin with architecture, but with active listening and research to better understand our clients and their challenges.

We are an architecture, interior design and planning firm serving clients across the country. Study our “rings of growth” over the years and you’ll find a legacy built on collaboration and deep interest in people and how they feel inside the spaces we create. We believe innovative and thoughtful architecture and design follow intentional investment in human capital. Our practice strives to shape built environments that serve the needs and aspirations of people today, tomorrow and long into the future. Our most successful design endeavors come from trusted relationships with our clients.

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Think of this as the roadmap phase in which we discover problems and opportunities. We collect, analyze and synthesize project requirements and parameters to arrive at a comprehensive design solution that maximizes the client vision.

This is the investment phase! It starts with engaging the client to identify a “wish list” and capture the vision of how the building will be used. We then generate a solution that guides the development of future and schematic plans. Our approach includes:

  • Site analysis
  • Facility assessment
  • Site planning
  • Master planning

G::W is involved in each phase of the architectural, engineering and design process. We bring the big-picture view necessary to create beautiful and functional spaces that serve a purpose for years to come.

Master Planning

Our principle goal is always a plan for comprehensive design that develops an area into its highest and best use while preserving and enhancing the vision of our clients. For many projects, master planning is an important first step in the design process and represents a vision that brings client concerns, professional opinions and suggestions together in a comprehensive living document, it’s a collaborative first step involving the client/owner, stakeholders, other design professionals and consultants.

Master planning is a valuable tool and serves as a point of reference for financial forecasting and decision-making. We evaluate a site in its present condition and consider what it will take to make its ideal future a reality. We work with our clients to imagine a plan that considers the vision, budget and opportunities of the site. As a steward of our clients’ resources, we remain focused on how design might cater to both present and future.

Facility Assessment/Audit

From our early days, Gravity::Works has functioned as a strategist on behalf of our clients. We collect extensive building condition data to guide the most informed and cost-effective decisions. A history of 70 years of service across multiple industries has yielded a deep portfolio of solutions, and given us experienced eyes to see the impact of age, design, construction methods and materials on a decision to build, expand, renovate or walk away.

Bond Planning

Communities stage for the future with progressive school districts that win parents and engage students in best-practice learning environments. Aging facilities can’t keep pace with changing enrollment and demographics, new programs or modern-day safety and security concerns. Preparing for a bond election to support renovation, expansion or growth can be enormously challenging. It’s also an exciting opportunity to consider the state of your educational facilities—to really think of them as more than a collection of buildings—and make positive changes that reflect key priorities and core values.

Bond Planning Service Gravity Works Architecture

Community Engagement

At Gravity::Works, we appreciate that people are the most important part of a project. We act as catalysts for civic initiatives by promoting active community participation. We specialize in all facets of public engagement, ranging from open-house formats and focus group meetings to formal public hearings and design charrettes. We work with communities to develop unique public engagement plans that effectively employ stakeholder voices to achieve consensus.  It’s an arrow in our quiver.

School Bond Planning Gravity Works

Code Compliance

Gravity::Works Principal David Stewart says it best: codes inform. They provide clear and objective direction. The construction industry is evolving rapidly and codes are developed in response to advancements in building materials, methods and systems. Understanding that code compliance is vital to successful project delivery, we provide assistance with code review and regulatory approvals throughout design and construction. For unique project situations we can help develop feasible solutions and negotiate special code approvals. Bottom line, time is money, and our early involvement minimizes potential delays during permitting and construction.

Interior Design

In HGTV’s “Love It or List It” wars, we’d like to think we’d step up every time like host Hilary Farr to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Interior design decisions are vital to the success of any project, and they’re about more than choosing colors. We combine passion, research, expertise in multiple areas, and big doses of persistent ingenuity and creativity to deliver interior spaces that are welcoming and intentional.

We integrate solutions with the overall architecture to create environments that positively impact people as they work, learn, love and enjoy the space. Ask us about;

  • Space planning
  • Programming
  • Finish selection
  • Lighting design

Construction Administration

As a concept to completion firm, construction administration is an integral part of our architectural process. Construction can feel like a maze with really high walls. We help clients, developers and contractors navigate in the most effective way possible to master design goals and nail the vision. Because we’re working for a client’s total satisfaction, our involvement is critical for a successful experience and project, and we believe our support and attention set us apart.

Acting as agent, we will coordinate the contractor’s work. Because we are directly responsible to the client and project owner, our process involves quality contractors and consultants in a cost-effective way. Our role is to protect projects from or mitigate adverse situations and keep the client informed throughout the construction process. Designed to protect project integrity, our full scope of construction administration services includes:

  • Site visits/field observation
  • Attendance at job meetings, pre-construction meetings and presentations
  • Pre-bid support
  • Drawing/submittal reviews
  • Release of construction payments
  • Preparation of record drawings
  • Assistance with inspection
  • Project management
  • Code review
  • Analysis of cost systems and life cycle