Our Team

We have a lot of passion

Whether you’ve spent a little time around Gravity::Works Architecture principals Vince Haines and David Stewart, or years, you know they listen first. And their bent is not to check a box in their appointment books. They’re listening for the problem or challenge that sits in the path of the client’s vision. They’re facilitating the clearest interpretation of the vision to inform a design solution that meets needs or drives innovation. And only when they’re satisfied they know where to drop the planning or design flag do they refer to their vast playbook of architectural work and solutions that have elevated the stakeholder or community experience across the Midwest. When they get to that point in the conversation, it doesn’t read like two guys puffed up over a stout design portfolio. It’s pure passion for how architecture can enhance lives or interests or streetscapes.

That’s what’s mentored at Gravity::Works. It’s a commitment to provide the team and teamwork necessary to serve each client beyond their highest expectations. This architectural firm combines passion with creativity and science with art to plan, design and deliver exceptional results. Our years of service, reputation for excellence and dedicated team make our firm unique. We’re devoted to life-long learning and encourage even the newest team member to think and create with us in an open and collaborative work environment.