Principal led. Big front door

Founded in 1952, Gravity::Works Architecture is a Wichita-area architectural firm and trusted partner to top regional construction firms. If you ask us for our elevator speech, we’ll share a few important things off the top.

Our principal architects lead our teams, and we invite industry experts to collaborate if it will yield the best or smartest outcome for our client.

We engage people—owner and contractor—and an efficient, well-curated process to create functional and beautiful spaces that perform and inspire. We are a boutique architectural firm known for elevating the client’s vision and working on time and on budget to add value and impact to the client and community long after project completion.

Gravity::Works is a team of relatable architects who are immediately accessible and insist on remaining right sized to keep direct lines to our owners and principal architects.

We often say we do things differently. We start with need and then engage process and people to defy the norm.”

—Vince Haines, Principal Architect