O|A|C – Triangular Accountability

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When we say everything comes down to good relationships, we mean it. The life-span of a project, from idea to fruition, can take years. It’s important to work with partners that you’re comfortable with.

O|A|C is an industry acronym referring to the Owner, Architect, and Contractor. They often have clearly defined roles based on the project delivery method. The project type is typically at the Owner’s discretion, however some public entities have select methods that they must adhere to. Part of our role as the Owner’s agent is to guide you through the pros and cons of each project type and help you select which method will best suite your needs.

While some dynamics will vary between the O|A|C based on project type, each generally follows a method of triangular accountability. This system is based on checks and balances, each entity holding one another responsible. We believe that this method is critical for the Owner to get the best results from both the design and construction teams.

We’re here to make sure the ‘A’ side of your triangle is a partner you can trust. Have questions about which project delivery type is best for your organization or how we implement that accountability for our clients? Connect with us today!

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