Celebrating Women in A|E|C

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There’s a lot of reasons to celebrate this week and we wanted to pause to recognize the women of Gravity::Works.

Kerrie lives in the in between. All of the work that happens from initial concepts to stamped and ready for construction, Kerrie is diligently making it happen. She’s casually known around here as the wizard, the expert on several technical apps around the office. Her attention to detail is unmatched and she draws with driving focus.

McLaren, on the other hand, helps people looking for architectural services get to know our values. It’s one thing to list them in writing, which she does, but another to show them through genuine connection. She uses creativity to push our firm out of its comfort zone to be the best partners to our prospective and established clients alike.

We hope you take some time this week to read stories of women in Architecture|Engineering|Construction. Their presence and contributions to our industry are beyond measure.

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