Celebrating David’s 20 years with Gravity::Works

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This month we are celebrating David Stewart’s 20 years with Gravity::Works. Here’s a list of 20 things that we appreciate about Dave and the dynamic he brings to our team and clients.

  1. An unceasing desire for perfection
  2. A true creative spirit
  3. He’s the best staff to play a prank on
  4. Commitment to community
  5. 9ball instigator
  6. Code nerd (the building and zoning kind)
  7. Assemblage artist
  8. Voice Command Drafting
  9. An appreciation for rules and structure
  10. Resident frame straightener
  11. Motor head
  12. The ability to make a reference or pun at a moment’s notice
  13. Insane work ethic
  14. PB M&Ms obsession
  15. Driven by his values
  16. A motivation to serve others
  17. Energized by music
  18. Grounded by family
  19. Appreciates the classics while pushing for modern innovation
  20. A nostalgic sense of style (have you seen the vintage toys in the office?)

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  • Congratulation, David.
    (20) years is a long time with one company in this challenging environments.
    I just completed 54 years.


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